Church Venues Listed

Why choose a church?

For some couples, a church wedding is the venue they have always dreams of.  Finding the right church can be difficult so we have collected together the best churches to get married in in Oxfordshire.  You can browse our easy to navigate website and view the easy to read details for churches in the area.

A church is often the perfect location to celebrate the union of love and will always look good in the photographs afterwards. Many will have the space to accommodate larger families but some will also cater to a more intimate group.  It really is the perfect setting.

What should you know when getting married in a church?

Choosing a church to get married in is only the first step towards your wedding. You will also need to speak to the vicar and discuss if you will need to attend the church prior to the wedding, and how the reading of the banns will be carried out.

When choosing your church wedding, it’s important to consider the vicar that will be marrying you as well as the location as they are someone who will be with you on your special day.

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